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I'm a Product Designer with 8 years experience shipping cutting-edge web and mobile solutions
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Mobilemars Design Studio

How might we help users personalize their purchase?

Mobilemars is an e-commerce site that specializes in user customized products such as phone cases, airpod cases, and more. We suspect it’s because the app isn’t mobile friendly and isn’t as user friendly users have come to expect. It could also use a visual update.
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MyMentor Mentorship

How might we encourage more sign-ups?

MyMentor is an online e-learning platform focused on providing online mentoring from industry professionals via a subscription model. In this scenario there are pre-existing wireframes and some data from user research.
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TinyTales App

How might we help connect parents with bedtime stories?

TinyTales is a startup where illustrators and authors can publish their children’s stories for parents to find and read to their children.
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LessonLearn LMS

How might we make online learning easier for teachers and students?

During a global pandemic, teachers, parents, and children were forced to navigate a new world of online teaching. With that, came the challenge of learning complicated new software that didn't enhance education, but hindered it instead. These challenges have especially impacted educators and students at the elementary school level.
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