How might we help users personalize their purchase?



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Mobilemars is an e-commerce site that specializes in user customized products such as phone cases, airpod cases, and more. Mobilemars isn’t bringing in the kind of revenue we’ve seen on other platforms we sell on. Analytics suggest that users are dropping off in our design studio app where they personalize their product. We suspect it’s because the app isn’t mobile friendly and isn’t as user friendly users have come to expect. It could also use a visual update.

I was responsible for user research, competitive analysis, low and high fidelity mockups, prototyping, testing and  front-end development.


Poor Usability

It was identified that the design app needed to be redesigned to accommodate for a mobile friendly design. The app is overly complicated and lacks clarity and simplicity of use.

Visually Outdated

The original design looks dated and needs a refresher, especially when compared to competitors. Too many options are too densely packed together making it difficult to comprehend.

What's the Competition Doing?


Uses iconography to denote each feature available.


Options are limited based on the product being viewed.


Large icons and buttons for easy recognition. Also great for mobile interactions.

The competition simply looked more modern and were mobile friendly. Some had some helpful features that made adjusting images almost automatic. Feature wise they were all pretty much the same.

How might we help users personalize their purchases?

Easy of use, Clarity, and a modern look. Needs to be easy to understand and use to the average user who might not be a designer in any shape or form.

Goal #1

Provide a modern look and feel, on desktop and mobile, to establish trust with users.

Goal #2

Simplify and reorganize available options for clarity and ease of use.

Making a better first impression

So how do we achieve a more modern look with clear navigation?


The application lacked any sort of meaningful iconography for each step of the process. Creating easily identifiable icons to convey the purpose of each step will help the app be easier to understand .

Buttons & Colors

The original design relied heavily on buttons with borders and gradients giving it that almost shiny metal look. This made the interface look very outdated.

Utilizing Screen Space Better

One massive difference between us and our competitors was that we weren’t taking advantage of the full viewport. The design app had specific height and width setups which also didn’t take mobile views into account.

Feature Creep

The original design had a few features that were unique and we didn’t see with our competitors. Text bend, drop shadows, stroke colors, etc. We never stopped to think if there was a demand for such features. After some user research and consideration, it was decided that most users don’t care about such complicated features. This allowed us to pair down the options and create a cleaner experience.

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