How might we encourage more sign-ups?



User Research

Lead Design

Visual Design






MyMentor is an online e-learning platform focused on providing online mentoring from industry professionals via a subscription model. In this scenario there are pre-existing wireframes and some data from user research. The main goal was to improve signup conversion rates by updating the current user flow and reducing any friction between course discovery and signup.

I was responsible for conducting primary and secondary research, analyzing market competition, and providing assets and for interaction and visual design.



Data shows that 50% of users open on average 7 pages and then abandon the site without signing up. Hypothesis is that users are unable to determine which Online Course is best based on relative features.

Abandon ship

Additionally, 70% of users abandon the site at the registration page. Right now, users are required to provide credit card information upon sign up.

What's the Competition Doing?


  • Product page provides a ton of information to give the user all the tools to make a informed decision.
  • Registration looks very simple and has options utilizing other services that a user is likely to already have. E.g. facebook and google.
  • Registration is a popup that doesn't take you away from the checkout page.

Skill Share

  • Registration is immediate available on the front page and is constantly present.
  • Sign up is a popup that doesn't take you away from the checkout page.

Master Class

  • Instructors are Celebrities in their industries. Learning from a celebrity has great appeal, brings in users, and sway their decisions.
  • Product page has great presentation and preview of "Lesson plan"

Competitor Summary

Just between the competitors you can see similar patterns pop up. Product pages provide similar if not the exact same kind of information. Registration is very similar across all platforms taking advantage of social media and external authentication methods.

How Might We Get Users Learning Faster?

Goal #1

Free trial and a quick and easy sign up process.

Goal #2

Provide recommendations based on user needs

Frictionless Signup

It was important to make sign up as easy as possible to increase conversion. If there were no obstacles and no risk then user’s would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up.

Subscription model?

During the wireframing phase I thought it was important for the user to choose their membership level during sign up, after all that was what competitors offered.

After sharing and discussing the wireframes with my mentor and other users, I had come to the conclusion that things could be done even easier. By removing the membership level selection at sign up cognitive load on the user would be reduced and provided an environment for easy decision making.

7-Day Free Trial

To encourage sign-up we decided to offer a 7 day free trial with no risk to the user. Offering a free trial is an effective way to get users and capture an email that could later be used to further entice users with special deals or offers.

No Payment Info Required

To make sign up even easier I didn’t want to require users to enter any payment information to get started. That was another obstacle in their way that could sway their decision. This would also make users feel safe enough to sign up for a free trial without the risk of accidentally being charged.

What are users looking for?

To better serve users individual needs I wanted to learn a bit more about that user. So I presented the user with a couple questions to gauge their interests and then provide recommendations.

What users are ACTUALLY looking for

After some testing, I realized that some of the questions and answers didn’t quite cover the range of needs of our users. So the answers needed some rethinking to include actual scenarios.

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In Retrospect

I needed more user research and testing with the target audience. Looking back I don't think I had a clear enough idea of what users were looking for in a online mentor.